Roger’s Performance History

 Roger Green’s Live Performances (not including all sub / back-up work)



04/08/2017, Greenwood Village, CO, The Curtis Center, Richard Peterson Opening

03/26/2017, Denver, CO, Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox

02/10/2017, Denver, CO, Intimate House Concert with Ron Miles



12/18/2016, Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with Nathaniel Rateliff and Joe Sampson

11/08/2016, Boulder CO, CU Boulder Master class with Ron Miles

09/30/2016, Boulder, CO, Grace Lutheran Church Jazz Series with Ron Miles

08/11/2016, Denver, CO, Lion’s Lair with Ralph White

07/22/2016, Denver, CO, The Deer Pile with Jux County and Kal Cahoone

07/06/2017, Denver, CO, Globe Hall with Pythian Whispers and Orbit Service

05/28/2016 Denver, CO, The Deer Pile

04/07/2016 Denver,CO, Dazzle (reading Richard Hugo Poems for Wayne Horvitz)

02/20/2016 Denver, CO, Syntax Physic Opera, featured Songwriter

01/15/2016 Denver, CO, The Walnut Room, with Janet Feder & Lost Dog Ensemble



12/03/2015 Denver, CO, Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge

08/18/2015 Denver, CO, Syntax Physic Opera accompanying Anne Waldman and Eleni Sikelianos

05/21/2015 Denver, CO, The Deer Pile

04/25/2015 Denver, CO, MCA Denver, covering David Bowie for Mothersbaugh closing

04/25/2015 Denver, CO, MCA Denver, curating & playing with Mark Mothersbaugh / Devo’s adding machine

04/24/2015 Denver, CO, Syntax Physic Opera with Elin Palmer

03/16/2015 Denver, CO, The Walnut Room with Hot Panda

03/06/2015 Denver, CO, Dada Art Bar

02/19/2015 Denver, CO, The Toad Tavern

01/30/2015 Denver, CO, Leon Art Gallery

01/22/2015 Denver, CO,  The Deer Pile



12/20/2014 Denver, CO, Dazzle with Ron Miles and Matt Wilson

12/12/2014 Denver, CO, Syntax Physic Opera, Best of the Czars release

12/06/2014 Denver, CO, The Walnut Room with Lost Dog Ensemble

11/09/2014 Denver, CO, Leon Art Gallery

10/30/2014 Denver, CO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Mark Mothersbaugh Myopia opening

08/01/2014 Denver, CO, Carmen Wiedenhoft Gallery

06/06/2014 Denver, CO,  MCA Denver rooftop show

05/24/2014 Denver, CO, Hinterland Gallery

05/08/2014 Denver, CO Walnut Room, with Patrick Park

03/22/2014 Denver, CO, Counterpath Books with Alejandro Acierto

02/12/2014 Denver, CO, Lost Lake, with Bell Hours



11/ 23/13 Denver, CO, Walnut Room, “Advancing Guitar” Showcase with Janet Feder, Dave Devine, David Thomas Bailey and Ryan Fiegl.

11/16/2013 Denver, CO, Deer Pile, with Jux County and Jeff Linsenmeier

09/25/2013 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive, with Adam Goldstein

09/03/2013 London, UK, 12 Bar

07/23/2013 Denver, CO, Dazzle, guitar for Glenn Taylor Orchestra

07/19/2013 Denver, CO, Civic Center Park, Nick Cave;s “Heard”

07/18/2013 Boulder, CO, Naropa University, Eleni Sikelianos reading

01/28/2013 Denver, CO, MCA Denver, Jake Adam York Memorial

01/10/2013 Denver, CO, Lost Late, with Porlolo



12/28/2012 Denver, CO, Oriental Theatre, with Laura Goldhamer, Shenandoah Davis, and Chimney Choir

11/30/2012 Denver, CO, Dazzle, guitar for Ron Miles

07/16/2013 Morrison, CO, Red Rocks, opening for Joe Sampson

04/24/12 Denver, CO, Twist and Shout Records with Joe Sampson and Nathaniel Rateliff

03/30/2012 Denver, CO , Walnut Room, with the Loom

02/11/2012 Denver, CO, Counterpath, Laird Hunt Impossibly release

02/03/2012 Denver, CO, Ironwood, Audra Knutson art show



10/15/2011 Denver, CO, MCA Denver, with Chris Kallmyer

10/09/2011 Denver, CO, MCA Denver, guitar for David Thomas Bailey

09/03/2011 Denver, CO, Walnut Room with Sera Cahoone

06/12/2011 Boulder, CO, Laughing Goat, guitar for Small Dream Ada, Anne Waldman with Art Lande

06/11/2011 Denver, CO, Plus + Gallery, guitar for Small Dream Ada

06/10/2011 Longmont, CO, Muse Gallery, guitar for Small Dream Ada

05/25/2011 Denver, CO, Walnut Room, with Paul Riola and Ron Miles

05/19/2001 Denver, CO, Meadowlark, Harder to Tell release, with Janet Feder

04/10/11 Denver, CO, Dazzle, guitar for Lelah Simon

03/10/11 Denver, CO, Meadowlark, w/ Erzsebet and the Love Royale

02/26/11 Denver, CO, Yellow Feather, w Ross Etherton and Lil’ Thunder

02/24/11 Denver, CO, Mercury Café, w / Bad Weather California and Houses

02/04/11 Denver, CO, Dikeou Collection

01/13/11 Denver, CO, Dazzle w/ Lelah Simon



12/16/10 Denver, CO, Lost Lake w/ Porlolo

12/09/10 Denver, CO, Lost Lake w/ Porlolo

12/02/10 Denver, CO, Lost Lake w/ Porlolo

11/09/10 Denver, CO, MCA, “Art Meets Beast”

09/09/10 Denver, CO, Walnut Room w/ the Lavellas

08/19/10 Denver, Walnut Room, w/ Grayson Capps

07/25/10 Denver, CO, So Broadway Church, Denver Post UMS

06/26/10 Denver, CO, Meadowlark, w/ Porlolo

03/27/10 Denver, CO, Notably Fine Audio w/ Bottesini Project

03/11/10 Boulder, CO, Radio 1190



12/27/09 Denver, CO, Ubisububi Room, w/ Porlolo and Dust on the Breakers

11/18/09 Denver, CO, Denver Pavilions Commissioned Work

10/16/09 Denver, CO, NFA Studio, Bottesini Project (subbing for Nels Cline)

10/14/09 Denver, CO, Museum of Contemporary Art, Matthew Buckingham Opening

09/18/09 Denver, CO, Object and Thought Gallery

08/23/09 Denver, CO, Michealangelo’s Coffeshop w/ Rachael Pollard

08/20/09 Denver, CO, Meadowlark

08/02/09 Boulder, CO, B-Side Lounge w / Ash Reiter

07/27/09 Denver, CO, Indy Ink, Denver Post Underground Music Festival

07/10/09 Denver, CO, Bug Theatre, Bottesini Project

06/10/09 New York, NY, Living Room (w/ Porlolo)

06/08/09 Bloomington, IN, Coffeeshop (Porlolo tour)

06/07/09 Chicago, IL, Dollop (Porlolo tour)

06/06/09 Omaha, NB, J’s Bar (Porlolo tour)

06/05/09 Fort Collins, CO, Everyday Joes (Porlolo tour)

06/04/09 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive (Porlolo tour)

05/15/09 Denver, CO, Vertigo Gallery, Richard Peterson Closing

04/17/09 Denver, CO, Vertigo Gallery, Richard Peterson Opening

01/23/09 Denver, CO, Marquis Theatre, 1190 Bands you need to know series



12/27/08 Denver, CO, Meadowlark

12/12/08 Arvada, CO, D-Note (Glenn Taylor Orchestra)

12/06/08 Denver, CO, Oriental Theater (Glenn Taylor Orchestra)

12/05/08 Denver, CO, Meadowlark

11/30/08 Denver, CO, Brooks Center Arts

10/25/08 Denver, CO, D-Note (Glenn Taylor Orchestra)

09/23/08 Denver, CO, Bender’s Tavern

08/30/08 Denver, CO, Meadowlark

08/07/07 Los Angeles, CA, UCLA Hammer Museum (Ron Miles Blossom)

08/05/08 Denver, CO, Dazzle (Ron Miles Blossom)

08/02/08 Denver, CO, The Hornet (Denver Post Festival)

08/02/08 Denver, CO, Skylark (Porlolo)

08/01/08 Denver, CO, Church (Denver Post Festival)

07/30/08 Boulder, CO, Laughing Goat

07/01/08 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive

05/04/08 Denver, CO, Dazzle

04/26/08 Denver, CO, Mercury Café

03/26/08 Denver, CO, Oriental Theatre

03/19/08 Denver, CO, Old Curtis St. Bar

03/01/08 Denver, CO, Mercury Cafe

02/09/08 Denver, CO, Mercury Café w/ Janet Feder, Joe Pope, and The Wheel

01/04/08 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive CD release with Bad Weather California

01/02/08 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with The Way Things Go



11/16/07 Denver, CO, Regis University with Ron Miles and Blossom

11/15/07 Lakewood, CO, Belmar Lab with Ron Miles and Blossom

11/14/07 Denver, CO, Manuel High School for One Book One Denver

11/13/07 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive

11/12/07 Denver, CO, Larimer Lounge with Alasdair Roberts

10/26/07 Denver, CO, Denver Art Museum

10/06/07 Denver, CO, Walnut Room with Ron Miles /Blossom

09/23/07 Denver, CO, Dazzle with Glenn Taylor Orchestra

09/22/07 Denver, CO, Walnut Room – A Moveable Feast

06/01/07 Denver, CO, Meadowlark with Patrick Park

05/03/07 Denver, CO, Meadowlark with Rachael Pollard, Ian Cook, Josh Novak

04/19/07 Denver, CO, Old Curtis St. Bar

04/05/07 Denver, CO, Walnut Room

03/27/07 Denver, CO, Double Daughters, Self-Made Artist Talk

03/04/07 Denver, CO, Dazzle w/ Bottacini Project

03/01/03 Denver, CO, Skylark Lounge

02/07/07 Denver, CO, Bender’s Tavern

01/20/07 Denver, CO, Dazzle, in the Ron Miles Band

01/05/07 Denver, CO, Denver Open Media Televised Performance

01/01/07 Denver, CO, Larimer Lounge



12/22/06 Denver, CO, Dazzle Jazz, in the Ron Miles / Blossom band

12/13/06 Denver, CO, Walnut Room

12/08/06 Denver, CO, Ubisububi Room

12/02/06 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive, Rabbit is a Sphere CD release

11/22/06 Boulder, CO, live performance on KGNU radio

10/29/06 Denver, CO, Meadowlark with Janet Feder

10/20/06 Denver, CO, Ubisububi Room

10/05/06 Lakewood, CO, Belmar Lab – Reprise of my Composition for Typewriters

09/16/06 Lakewood, CO, Belmar Lab – Debut of my Composition for Typewriters

08/29/06 New York, NY, Stone, in the Ron Miles / Blossom band

08/04/06 Denver, CO, Dazzle Jazz, in the Ron Miles / Blossom band

07/28/06 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with Carla Bozulich

05/28/06 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with Porlolo and Triplight

05/03/06 Minneapolis, MN, Loring Pasta Bar

04/21/06 Brooklyn, NY, Zebulon Café, in the Ron Miles / Blossom band

03/30/06 Minneapolis, MN, 7th Street Entry – Opening for Slim Cessna’s Autoclub

03/17/06 Minneapolis, MN, Varsity Theater

02/17/06 Minneapolis, MN, Varsity Lounge

02/06/06 Minneapolis, MN, Acadia Cafe

01/26/06 Minneapolis, MN, Acadia Cafe



12/27/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with The Clap, Tyler Potts and More Paloma Songs

11/29/05 Denver, CO, Ubisibubi Room, Denver (Roger Green CDR Release) with

Porlolo, More Paloma Songs, and The Love Letter Band

11/17/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive with Matt Boyer and The Wheel

11/11/05 Denver, CO, Regis University, in the Ron Miles Blossom band

10/20/05 Lakewood, CO, Belmar Lab performed Terry Riley’s “In C” with Elizabeth

Wiegle conducting

09/29/05 Lakewood, CO, Belmar Lab, in the Ron Miles band

09/25/05 Denver, CO, Dazzle Jazz, in the Ron Miles Blossom band

09/11/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive w/ Alasdair Roberts, David Edwards, Wooden Wand

08/20/05 Denver, CO, Ron Miles Band, with Nate Birkey

08/19/05 Denver, CO, Ron Miles Band, with Nate Birkey

07/28/05 Santa Fe, NM, Ron Miles Band, Santa Fe Jazz Festival

07/25/05 Denver, CO, Dazzle w/ Ron Miles Duo

07/23/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive w/ The Clap, The Spares, Strangers Die Everyday

07/09/05 Denver, CO, Pod Gallery- Andy Monley, Placerville

07/08/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive – The Way Things Go

06/25/05 Denver, CO, Scooter Joe’s –Westword Music Awards

06/04/05 Austin, TX Ron Miles Band- Not sure of the name, it’s a collective space

06/03/05 Denver, CO, Lion’s Lair, Denver, supporting Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots

05/13/05 Denver, CO, Ron Miles Band

05/09/05 Denver, CO, Larimer Lounge, supporting Maria Taylor

05/04/05 Denver, CO, Lion’s Lair, supporting The Clap and Red Telegraph

04/29/05 Denver, CO, Ron Miles Band

04/23/05 Denver, CO, Denver Zine Library (with A Dog Paloma and Bad Weather


04/09/05 Denver, CO, Ron Miles Quartet

03/27/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive (opening for Gann Matthews, Film Strip Series, and

Midwest Dilemma)

02/19/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive (opening for Red Cloud)

02/17/05 Denver, CO, Walnut Foundary (The Copper Nickel release party)

01/08/05 Denver, CO, Hi-Dive (opening for Josh Novak)



12/18/04 Denver, CO, Hi-dive The Way Things Go (Roger and Tyler)

12/04/04 Denver, CO, Bender’s Tavern – Roger / Porlolo cd release

I quit the Czars in November of 2004.  All performance dates prior to November 2004 were with the Czars unless otherwise noted.

November 2004: Toured England and Scotland with The Czars

10/22/04 Denver, CO, Rock Island – Goodbye album release

10/08/04 Denver, CO, Pod and Capsule gallery – Roger Solo

10/02/04 Denver, CO, Breakdown Bookstore – Roger solo

10/01/04 Denver, CO, Radio 1190 – Roger solo on the air

09/04/04 Denver, CO, Dazzle – Roger as guitarist for Ron Miles and Dale Bruning

08/20/04 Denver, CO, The Hi-Dive

07/29/04 Denver, CO, Boulder Theater

07/15/04 Denver, CO, The Climax Lounge
06/19/04 Denver, CO, Bluebird

06/12/04 Denver, CO, Czars’ 10th Anniversary at Lance Rushton’s

06/07/04 Denver, CO, The Thin Man

05/15/04 Denver, CO, Roger Green solo at the Belmar Arts Center

03/17/04 Denver, CO, Roger Green solo at the Climax (supporting  East Mountain


03/12/04 Denver, CO, The Climax Lounge

02/13/04 Denver, CO, Roger Green solo at the Denver Research Group

01/23/04 Denver, CO, The Larimer Lounge  – Supporting Swell

01/09/04 Denver, CO, The Hi-Dive – Roger Green Solo with Cowhause and

Hamster Theater



12/27/03 Denver, CO, The Hi-Dive

11/15/03 Denver, CO, Andenken Gallery

10/18/03 Denver, CO, The Gothic Theater

10/5/03 Denver, CO, The Mercury Café – Roger Green duet with Anne Angyal

10/3/03 Denver, CO, The Climax Lounge – Roger with The Way Things Go

9/12/03 Denver, CO, The Architectural Lab – Roger with The Way Things Go

9/6/03 Denver, CO, 15th Street Tavern – Roger with The Way Things Go

8/22/03 Denver, CO, Bluebird Theater – Roger Green Solo supporting Space Team


8/10/03 Denver, CO, D-Note – Roger Green Solo and duet with Tyler Potts

8/8/03 Denver, CO, Breakdown Books – Roger Green Solo and with The Way

Things Go

5/29/03 Denver, CO, Boulder Theater with Barbez

5/25/03 Denver, CO, El Portal Hotel – Raton, NM

5/24/03 Denver, CO, Atomic Cantina – Albuquerque, NM

5/17/03 Denver, CO, Denver Research Group – Roger Green Solo with Andy

Friedman and Rachel Pollard

4/12/03 Denver, CO, Climax Lounge

3/7/03 Denver, CO, Cervantes  (with Space Team Electra)

2/7/03 Denver, CO, Gothic (with Ron Miles)



Denver, CO, 12/6/02 Bluebird Theatre, Denver

European Tour, 2002

12/21/02 London, UK at the Spitz Club

 Week of 12/16/02 opened 4 shows with Flaming Lips in Spain

12/6/02 Denver, CO, Bluebird Theater, Denver

10/14/02 Madrid, Spain – Moby Dick

10/13/02 Barcelona, Spain – Razzmatazz

10/11/02 Brighton, UK – Hanbury Ballroom

10/10/02 Manchester, UK – Night And Day

10/09/02 London, UK – 12 Bar

10/08/02 London, UK – Borderline

10/06/02 Leeds, UK – St Joseph Well – Scout Niblett opening

10/05/02 Newcastle, UK – Newcastle University Global

10/04/02 Edinburgh, UK – La Bella Angele

10/03/02 Glasgow, UK – King Tuts – Heirloom opening

10/02/02 Aberdeen, UK – Lemon Tree

10/01/02 Birmingham, UK – Birmingham Academy 2

09/30/02 Paris, France – Guingette Pirate

09/29/02 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Small paradiso

09/28/02 Brussells – Botanique – supp. Idlewild

09/25/02 Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega – Yellowish opening

09/24/02 Arhus, Denmark – Vox Hall – Yellowish opening

09/23/02 Hamburg, Germany – Tanzhalle

09/21/02 Berlin – Magnet Club

09/20/02 Dresden – Scheune

09/19/02 Cologne – MTC

09/18/02 Muenster – Gleiss 22

09/17/02 Nurnberg – K4

09/16/02 Munich – Orangehouse

09/15/02 Vienna – Szene

09/14/02 Ebensee, Austria – Kino Ebensee

08/??/02 Los Angeles, CA, Largo, (With Hem)

08/??/02 Los Angeles, CA, Spaceland

08/??/02 Tucson, AZ

08/??/02 Albuquerque, New Mexico

7/2/02 Denver, CO, Gothic (w/Devics/Lift to Experience)

5/5/02 Boulder, Tulagi (opening for Calexico)

3/13/02 Denver, CO, Gothic (w/Eric Shiveley)

3/1/02 Denver, CO, Temple Events Center

1/19/02 Denver, CO, Bluebird (w/PW3)



October/November 2001, headlined, 7 weeks in Europe

John Grant / Roger Green duo as The Czars had dates in Ireland, France, Spain, Denmark, Slovenia and Hungary, plus the following UK dates:

11/23/01 Union Chapel, London, Supporting Low

11/20/01 Arts Cafe, Commercial street, London

11/19/01 Komedia, Brighton

11/18/01 Int’l Arts Centre, Leicester

10/27/01 King Tuts, Glasgow



The Czars supporting David Gray in the UK for the White Ladder tour:

10/20/00 Barrowlands – Glasgow (cancelled)

10/19/00 Nice and Sleazy’s – Glasgow (solo show)

10/18/00 Manchester  Academy

10/17/00 Nottingham Rock city

10/16/00 Sheffield Octagon

10/15/00 Norwich UEA

10/13/00 Portsmouth Guild Hall

10/12/00 Bristol University

10/11/00 Oxford Brookes University

10/09/00 Leicester , De Montford Hall

10/08/00 Cardiff University

10/07/00 Leeds University

10/06/00 Liverpool University

09/15 /00 Cincinatti, OH

09/16/00 Detroit, MI

09/17/00 Grand Rapids, MI, (with Vigilantes of Love)

8/5/00 Denver, CO, Gothic (with Space Team)

July 2000 Albuquerque, NM, Burt’s Tiki Lounge

Los Angeles, CA, Troubadour (with the Autumns)

San Francisco, CA, Café Dunord

06/25/00 Denver, CO, Gothic Theater

06/13/00 London, UK The Spitz Club

The Czars supporting 16 Horsepower in Europe and the UK:

06/12/00 Glasgow, Scotland 13th Note Club

06/10/00 London UK Notting Hill Arts Centre

06/07/00 Strasbourg France La Laiterie

06/06/00 Ferrand France Club Clermont

06/05/00 Toulouse France Le Bikini

06/03/00 Lille France Aeronef

06/02/00 Amsterdam Netherlands Paradiso

06/01/00 Groningen Netherlands Oosterpoort

05/31/00 Tillburg Netherlands 013 Concert Hall

05/30/00 Paris France Elysee Montmarte

05/28/00 Zurich Switzerland Rote Fabrik

05/27/00 Munich Germany Muffathalle

05/26/00 Vienna Austria Szene

05/25/00 Heidelberg Germany Karlstorbahnhof

05/24/00 Bielefeld Germany Forum

05/23/00 Bochum Germany Bahnhof Langendreer

05/21/00 Hamburg Germany Fabrik

5/6/00 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater

5/4/00 Denver, CO, Soiled Dove (Westword Music Awards)

South by Southwest 2000: Austin, TX: 3/17/00 – Maggie Mae’s

2/24/00 Denver, CO, Bug Theater



10/31/99 Albuquerque, NM, Dingo Bar

8/6/99 Denver, CO, Bluebird (w/Munly)

5/19/99 Denver, CO, Café Cero

5/7/99 Denver, CO, Bluebird (with Tarmints, Christines)

South by Southwest 1999: Austin, TX: 3/14/99 – Ritz Lounge

2/26/99 Denver, CO, Bluebird Theater

1/14/99 Denver, CO, Tivoli Turnhall (Wedding)

12/28/98 Denver, CO, David Zimmer private party – Roger’s Debut with the Czars


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