Roger Green with Ron Miles, Feb. 10

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On the Semiotics of the Unconscious in Deleuze and Barthes

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Please check out my new article on Deleuze and Barthes in The Journal for Cultural and Religious  Theory

What are the Political-Theological Resonances of the Term, ‘Sanctuary’?

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Border Patrol agents line up in formation on motor bikes in the Tucson sector.

In the following blogpost for Political Theology Today  I make a call for more explicit commitment to sanctuary campuses with a broader view of the history of neoliberalism in mind. Click below to read.

On Maurizio Lazzarato, Wendy Brown, & Political Theology

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Roger Green’s article, “Political Theology and Debt – Confronting the Capitalist Machine,” is published on the scholarly blog, Political Theology Today, where he writes a monthly column on the applications of current theory. Click below.

Political Theology And Debt – Confronting The Capitalist Machine (Roger Green)

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