June 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

William_Butler_Yeats_by_George_Charles_BeresfordIn November, I’ll be traveling to Caen, in France, to deliver a paper on the Irish folklore collection W. B. Yeats wrote entitled The Celtic Twilight.  It’s a slim volume written early on in the poet’s career, full of many stories and characters with a tale-teller’s perspective that shifts between being authoritative, nationalistic, and wonderstruck.

twilightHe says, “In Ireland this world and the world we go to after death are not far apart […] Indeed there are times when the worlds are so near together that it seems as if our  earthly chattels were no more than the shadows of things beyond.”

I think one of my goals in life would be to live in a place such as this Ireland Yeats describes, much more often than I am capable now.


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