Roger Green plays Denver Syntax Friday April 24

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Devolution Duets with Mark Mothersbaugh’s Circuit-Bent Adding Machine

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devo monsterman

MCA Denver

1485 Delgany St, Denver, Colorado 80202

On the Evening of Saturday, April 25th at MCA Denver I am arranging duets to explore Mark Mothersbaugh’s circuit-bent adding machine in a gallery dedicated to his machines. In 5 minute intervals between his other machines, musicians (poets are welcome too) will perform in pairs. One person will play Mark’s adding machine, the other will play / sing his or her instrument. Facebook message me to be on the initial sign-up sheet or just show up. You get a free drink (determined by MCA) for performing and you can perform multiple times. First-come-first-serve after the initial sign-ups or until the MCA shuts us down.

Below are the rules and details.

• Musician Happy Hour begins at 5:00pm on April 25. You get free admission to the museum if you BRING AT LEAST ONE paying guest; or you may simply pay admission, etc. (if you’re already aN MCA member, this doesn’t apply to you). You can also stop strangers on there way in and have them “sponsor” you.
• You may pick other musicians to do a duet with, or you may be paired randomly with folks. Roger Green will put together an initial sign-up sheet based on emailed responses to get things rolling, but it will be first-come-first-serve after that. We will use a sign-up sheet for keeping order and it will be first come-first-serve. If you miss your slot you have to sign up again. Drinks are not allowed on the museum floor, so pound it upstairs and come back down.
• Don’t bring amps or speakers. We will have a small guitar amp and bass amp and microphone for singers. Also, please do not bring elaborate pedal set-ups or entire drum sets. We have limited space and time for switching out.
• You may perform as many times as you like (and it takes a few times to figure out how the adding machine works), but if someone else is waiting to play after, you have to “leave the stage” and let him or her play. Each time you play you will get a free drink ticket for the café on the roof. Limits on your drinking are a collaboration at your and the bar-tender’s discretion.
• Compositions are limited to the space between Mark’s machine-playing scores.
• Trios may form too, but remember the point is partly to explore the sound of Mark Mothersbaugh’s instrument in his space.
• You can buy drinks upstairs too, but the bar will not serve on credit; you have to perform first. Also, Roger Green is no one’s mom.
• Tell your friends and fans to come. Mark Mothersbaugh may be Skyping in from time to time throughout his last weekend at MCA.

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