Preview of new album

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Thanks to everyone who been listening to my music this week. My soundcloud page has had over 100 plays every day this week. So here is the beginning side of my new, nearly complete album.  It definitely has some elements of The Czars in it, and it just may be my favorite work since The Czars’ Goodbye.

An Installment of and Upcoming Album

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An Installment of and Upcoming Album

This is a poem by Eleni Sikelianos that I put music too.  I also recorded an album of music for The Impossibly, a novel by Eleni’s husband, Laird Hunt.  (The notes are in a different post below.) I am grateful to collaborate with such wonderful writers.

Richard Peterson Collaboration

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Here is an album of divinatory portraits made from tarot readings of individuals’ souls while my friend Richard Alden Peterson took their pictures. Original impressions were sketched on guitar at the shoot in the woods and recorded on my iPhone. I then took them home and did post production according to the card readings. Thanks Petra Sertic and Launchpad for having our installation.

One of my heroes…

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But there were not only known faces. Here, while I was in a state of deepest trance, two figures-citizens, vagrants, what do I know? – passed me as “Dante and Petrarch.” “All men are brothers.” So began a train of thought that I am no longer able to pursue. But its last link was certainly much less banal than its first and led on perhaps to images of animals.

– Walter Benjamin

Excerpt from “Defining the ‘Human’ in Human Rights beyond Being-Toward-Death”

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As so much western (and especially American) culture – in both media and law – fascinates itself with the violent collapse of human and monster, with a nostalgic mythological adherence to homo sacer in vampires and werewolves and ghosts, it denies its own mortality by ravaging the world in fear of its own demise.  One must be careful not to be seduced by a re-enchanted critique that remains merely a dialectical consubstantiation to reaffirm one body.

This paper will be presented at the 2014 Telos Institute Conference in New York, Febraury 15th and 16th.


Roger Green at Lost Lake Lounge February 12

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Roger Green at Lost Lake Lounge February 12

Opening for The Bell Hours.  Roger solo. 8:00pm-12:00am

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