Vrain Vampires (1949)

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Vrain Vampires (1949)

This is one of two paintings by my grandfather, John S. Green, who painted billboards and designed signs for a living. In the current saturation of vampires and enchantment, he was clearly ahead of his time. This painting will be the cover of my new album, Alive Hue, which will be released in 2014. Click on the picture for a sneak preview.


Emerging Thoughts on Reincarnation from a Dream this Morning

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To “get” at what humanity – the “end” of humanity as Gerald Bruns puts it – is to move beyond spatiality, beyond coordination and beyond negation or anarchic decentralization.  It is to get to an obliteration of will without willing or intending.  It is not the experience itself of ecstasy (ek-stasis), not a canceling out, but a capacity to be obliterated so fully exposed by our technology of destruction that exhibits this capacity.  Nor must the use of such a capacity be employed in order to somehow achieve a full humanity, because only an individual can “achieve” in this sense. And it is precisely the community as obliteration of self that performs any such achievement.  This becomes an important distinction with regard to rights.  Individual rights ought to grant access to human capacity, while human rights must protect the community – not that the two are in any way mutually exclusive.  Capacity itself – to have “at hand” in the Heideggerian sense – demands space.  How can such capacity be protected if the space is obliterated? Only through a standing reserve not just of technology as a “standing reserve” but a recognition that technology is always in a sense biotechnology – a standing reserve of human potentiality in the beyondspace of community.  And it is with imaginary regard for that (for it cannot be directly looked at) that a conception of reincarnation ought pulse and resonate as a defining element of human rights in soft law.  Perhaps itself the face in the moment just before the smile of grace would appear, the glance whose power is to obliterate what cannot be willed.


A Good Read

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A Good Read

I believe I’ll be coming back to this work in future posts in more depth, but for now I just want to say I admire Esposito’s work.

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