Missing My Friend Today

January 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Missing My Friend Today

It is my first day back on the Auraria Campus. Back to work. Back to teaching. I came here straight from talking to the folks at Colorado Matters at cpr about my friend and teacher, Jake Adam York, who passed away in December.

I kept notes of things Jake said to me about poetry. Here are some gems.

“Monuments are markers that tell us to talk and listen — or to note that absence — you can’t just know about the things you live through.”

“Murder Ballads is kind of my Pablo Honey. My “Creep” poems were the civil rights ones.”

“I almost never write at night. Writing a poem is about the rhythm — poetry is music. Each poem has its own music. At the end of the day there are too many other musics.”

“However the idea comes to you it becomes part of deliberation.”

“To me, poetry is not op. ed. It works in indirect ways.”

“Sometimes a poet is an altar boy or girl. Make sure the ceremony continues without anyone noticing.”

“Form can be a screen; like a ventriloquist, it still disturbs.”

“I become the ghost to make the stuff seem real. Or sometimes I try to create a bridge between and I’m a representative rather than an actor; or, as in person unknown — to get to particularize the visibility of audience identification.”

May your ghost help make us real, Jake.



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